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Grow your community and increase your impact with reliable, affordable solutions.

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Changing the Face of the Right Wing

Merica exclusively represents conservative organizations and candidates. We aim to assist those focused on repairing and improving public policy and awareness during this pivotal time in American history. We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable websites and helping our clients change this country for the better.

Your one-stop shop

Merica Sites is a full-stack agency. We service clients with all elements of their site's creation including design, development, and management.


During the design phase, you will discuss the vision of your website with your developer and upload assets to your organization's Merica Drive folder.


Once site design is complete and assets have been uploaded, your developer will construct, modify, and perfect your website from header to footer.


After publishing, run your organization from the comfort of your Merica profile page. Reach out to your developer by submitting a ticket from your private account page and let your developer take care of the rest.


Contact Our Team

Interested in working with us? Simply fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly.

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