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the Right way.


The Next Generation of Political Influence is Here.


Grow your community and increase your impact with affordable, professional solutions.


Changing the Face of the Right Wing for 2024

Merica exclusively represents conservative organizations and candidates. We aim to assist those focused on repairing and improving public policy and awareness during this pivotal time in American history. We are committed to providing high-quality, affordable website solutions and helping our clients change this country for the better.

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Community Growth

Your message has the potential to reach the people and influence the vote. Maximize your organization's impact with professional layouts, high quality graphics, and mobile compatibility.

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Donations are at the heart of every successful organization. Increase your donations with high traffic and hyperlinking to third-party services such as WinRed and Anedot.

What Is Full Stack Development?

Unlike services such as Campaign Partner and NationBuilder, Merica Sites is a full stack agency. We service clients with all elements of their site's creation including design, development, and management.

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Meet with your lead developer and discuss exactly what your organization is looking for. We'll design custom blueprints for your organization and submit them for your approval.


Upload assets to your organization's secure Merica Drive folder to let your developers get started. We'll construct, tweak and adjust your site to fit your blueprints and give your organization a site you can be proud of.


Run your organization from the comfort of your Merica profile page. Simply request adjustments from your developers and let them do the rest!

Inform the people, influence the vote

Our developers will work to perfect your site in four categories proven to help increase traffic and boost donations

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Promote high engagement with easy-to-use site navigation

Keep your users engaged as they explore your site with simple, practical headers and menus

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Give a great first impression with high quality graphics and media

A picture can make a thousand impressions. Excite your visitors with sharp, high-resolution images and videos

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Expand your organization's reach with full mobile compatibility

68% of internet traffic happens on mobile devices. Impact a wider audience regardless of device type


Raise more and influence the vote with focused messaging

Your cause is important. Spotlight your message with proper margins, attractive fonts, and proportionate aesthetics


We want to help

Ready to get started? If you have questions about our services or would like to set up a meeting with a member of our team, simply fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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