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Merica Sites is an independent website development and management agency for right-wing candidates and organizations.


Running for local office and need a place to send your new supporters? Let us create you a client-tested, template-based campaign site. Your pages will include all the features you need to run a professional and successful campaign.


Your organization deserves top-notch representation. Let us design, develop, and manage a site that your community can be proud of. Already have a site? No problem! We're ready to make the improvements you need.


Our Story

Freedom isn't free. In order to maintain this first principle of American society, we must keep our communities informed and our best leaders in office. Merica Sites was born out of a need for professional, reliable website management for the patriotic candidate and organization. We aim to represent those focused on repairing and improving public policy and awareness during this pivotal time in American history. By providing high-quality, affordable website solutions, Merica is committed to helping our clients change this country for the better.


For Candidates

Our template-based features ensure that your site is equipped with everything it needs to support the development of your campaign.

Professional Appearance

First impressions are everything on the internet. Impress your voters with a sleek, beautiful home page featuring site navigation buttons, a high-quality portrait, and an about section where your voters can get to know you better.

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Display Endorsements

Endorsements give you and your campaign credibility, reputation, and trustworthiness. Present your viewers with a list of organizations and figures who they can join in supporting your cause.

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Direct Communication

Staying close and personable to your voters is vital. Allow your voters to contact you with questions and comments about you and your campaign.

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Gather Volunteers

We know how important volunteers are to a thriving campaign. Choose what options you'd like to offer your supporters and build an army of helping hands!

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Donation Hyperlinking

Donations are at the heart of every winning campaign. Insert your third-party link (Anedot, WinRed, etc.) and allow your viewers to contribute with the click of a button.

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For Organizations

Members of your community want a polished, easy-to-navigate website where they can learn about your organization, its message, and how they can get involved. Whether it's updating your existing site or generating a new one from scratch, we're ready to help your organization put its best foot forward.

1 - Design

Design begins with an introductory call to discuss and quote exactly what your organization is looking for.  Next, we'll create you a Merica Sites profile. Your organization will have its own dedicated and secure assets folder, and a unique Canva folder for custom graphic elements. You and your team will upload all elements to your assets folder (images, videos, slogans, etc.) and our team will get started building the layout of your new site!

Screenshot 2022-08-28 205210.png

2 - Develop

Once design is complete and all custom graphics are created, development begins. This is the fun part, and we want you to be part of it. No wishy-washy freelancers who ignore your emails and texts. You'll have access to your developers every step of the way. We'll construct the skeleton of your site, and insert all of your assets. Upon completion, you'll be able to request revisions to your site. We'll work hard tweaking and adjusting your site to make sure you get the representation you deserve.

Screenshot 2022-09-02 233047.png

3 - Manage

After development is complete, we can hand the reigns over to you and your team, or we can mange your site ourselves! Pay a monthly retainer and have access to revisions and management options whenever you need them. From daily contact list updates and blog posts to organization newsletters, we can manage a variety of your organization's regular functions. Merica is here to give your organization the tools it needs to nurture and grow a thriving community. Got a question about what management features we offer? Ask us here!

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Merica is committed to offering competitive prices while upholding industry quality standards.


  • $499 account & development fee

  • $49/month - site fees and management

  • Site expansions are quoted upon request


Contact us here to discuss your organization's needs and get a quote!



Don't see your question? let us know!

How does Merica do domain hosting?

If you already own the domain you'd like to use, we'll be happy to connect it to your new site. We integrate with most popular domain hosting services (GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, etc.) and will only require your cooperation to set up a connection. If you don't have a domain yet, we'll purchase one for you!*
*Domains will be purchased from GoDaddy at the client's expense. Clients retain the ownership rights to their domains.

How does Merica's pricing compare to competitors?

Our prices reflect our best attempt at winning your business while remaining able to give you the full service your campaign /organization deserves. Where a freelancer or other agency might charge upwards of a thousand dollars for a simple campaign site, our templates and streamlined development process allow us to offer the same level of quality for less than half the cost of our closest competitors. Our organization sites are personally managed and priced very competitively. Your hard-earned funding/donations won't be going to a corporate giant, just your developers.

I already have my own logo and colors, can Merica make my site match?

Of course! All sites allow for full color palette customization. We'll make sure all of your site elements and sections match up with your campaign/organization's aesthetics.

What platform does Merica use to build its sites?

We build all of our sites using Wix. Click here to learn more about what Wix has to offer.

Can I expand my site beyond Merica's candidate template?

Yes! Once your initial site is complete, you will have the option to add more features as a separate project, custom-tailored to your campaign's needs. This also applies to candidates who have won their way into office and wish to shift from a campaign to station-oriented site.